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How to Plan a 4 Night – 5 Day Tour to Thailand

A visit to Thailand will be one of the top entries in the bucket list of travel junkies. The island nation has
so much in store to make everyone impressed. Most of them will be wanting to come back soon while leaving this land after a vacation. Let’s take you through a verbal journey to one of Earth’s most amazing
tourist destinations.
Thailand is situated in Southeast Asia and it can provide you with the best luxury and amenities to make your vacation one of the best life experiences. Even though the country is well developed, you can still
find enough off-beat adventure opportunities if you are more into adventure than enjoying the coziness.
The country has world-class beaches located in the South area, whereas the North consists of some exotic mountain villages. Bangkok and Chiang Mai are the most popular and biggest cities in the country with great nightlife, cityscapes, and commerce. However, this island nation is known for its beaches,
great off-beat locations, famous cities, historical places, scenic viewpoints, elephants and monkeys.
As there are plenty of things to do, view and experience in this place, it is a place that needs to be visited when you are still in the youth ages. There are special tour packages everywhere designed for people with different requirements. Thailand Family Packages, Thailand Bachelor Packages, and Thailand
Historical Packages are made available to meet everyone’s requirements.
The best plan
A 4 Night 5 Day tour plan will be the nicest if you are looking for a quick yet decent tour to this wonderful destination. Let’s split the experience into 4 categories so that you will get an idea about how to explore the opportunities well. We’ll give you more information on Things to Do, Thailand Cuisines,
Places for Sightseeing, and Historical Places.
Beaches are some of the greatest attractions here as you will find them in plenty. Some of the best
beaches here include Railay Beach, Donald Duck Bay, Kata Beach, Lamai Beach, and Koh Nang Yuan.
Each of these beaches has its own unique attractions and features. You will get a good idea of how unique they are when you know about Railay Beach. It is not just one but, Railay is more of a peninsula which consists of 4 top class beaches. Phra Nang is the best among them as it consists of clear shallow water safe for swimming, beautiful sand, caves, etc. Buffalo beach is another good choice for beach lovers who don’t want much crowd. This beach is quieter than others, and it is also serene.
Most of the time the weather here is hot. Anyways, between June to October months the climate is prone to little rain and March to May is the hottest. However, none of the climate conditions are harsh enough to spoil your holidays. That is one main benefit this beautiful holiday destination offers.

Accommodation, Food, and Cost
For many the priority when planning a tour will be pleasure, thrill, and experience. Whereas, a good
majority of others also consider budget as an important factor. You have a big reason to rejoice no
matter which category you fall in. Thailand is known for budget-friendly accommodation, food, and all
other services. Moreover, it is the right balance of expensive and luxury resorts & food, and pocket-
friendly stay and food. You can enjoy everything here without exploding your wallet. All you need is a
good plan and the right guidance. A good tour package can make it perfect for you. Anyways, even if you
are on a backpacking adventure, you have plenty of options to explore and have fun.
Thai cuisine is famous for all the right reasons. It has all the flavors in place. It is a blend of Sweet, Spicy,
Salty, Sour, and Bitter flavors. You will find many outstanding dishes out there, including fresh seafood,
salads, curries, and many more. There are plenty of restaurants out there from where you can enjoy all
kinds of Thai Cuisines. Make a simple search and you will find some of the nicest and unique places
available to make your taste buds excited. The wide variety of fruits available in this country is also a
factor that needs to be celebrated. From Mangoes to Papaya, Mangosteen, Custard Apple, Jackfruit and
many more, you will get to enjoy a lot of them at a recent price.
People and festivals
The nature and culture of the people in Thailand are very welcoming and pleasant. They are very
sociable and generous in nature. Thus, making it very easy for the tourists to have a worry-free journey
through the country. You can have very friendly and fun interactions with the people here and
understand their lifestyles and culture better, and you will love it for sure. Find some time to mingle
with the people. You will cherish those moments for sure.
Another great reason to be in Thailand is the festivals taking place in different parts of the country
throughout the year. The fun-loving nature of the people here resulted in a wide variety of celebrations
and festivals. Water festivals are the most popular one among them and it is held in April. It is a 3-day
festival that triggers water fights that get you wet in the funniest ways. Lantern festival, ghost festival,
and rocket festival are also some other events that will make your visit to the country memorable.
Lopburi Monkey banquet, Buffalo racing festival, and vegetarian festival are some others. The list never
ends, you will get to know more when you land here!
Massages and Services for the Needy
Thai massage is world famous. If you have not experienced it yet, your visit to this place is the right time
to get the treatment for the first time. You can find massage services on the streets, beaches, as well as
in hotels or resorts. They are not only very relaxing and good; they are cheap too. Get your mind relaxed
and body flexible in a way you haven’t experienced before.
Another great fact about Thailand is the service mentality of the people here. You will find a lot of
services around every corner. These include a list to the shopping locations, laundry, midnight snack and
more. You will easily find help if you are in need for sure. That’s one quality that makes this place tourist

Places to stay
Unlike the other popular countries in the world, Thailand offers a great stay at a reasonable price. You
can find great stay options ranging from 700 to 7000 INR. This means you can stay in a luxury hotel for
7000 INR average, and if you are on a budget, you can also find stay for just 700 INR. It depends on your
preferences and choices.
Things you should not miss
Here is a list of things you should not miss in this beautiful land of beaches, wildlife, and all sorts of
 Coral Island Tour in Speed Boat with lunch
 The Grand Palace & Wat Prakeaw
 Pattaya floating market with a rowing boat
 Phi Phi Islands
 Bangkok temple tour (Golden Buddha & Marble Temple)
 Khao Yai National Park
 Safari World and Marine Park
 Sriracha Tiger Zoo
 Alcazar Dance show
Mark Your Priorities and Plan Well
Though Thailand offers a good variety of attractions and activities, it is good to make a priority list and
plan your vacation accordingly to make the most of your available time. Though most of the packages
cover, almost all major tourist spots, you could avoid some and add some of your preferences to make
the visit more rewarding. A ride on a rented scooter around the city will give you more amazing
memories than walking around a crowded marketplace. The best way to enjoy Thailand is to experience
their beaches, water sports activities, visiting off-beat locations, enjoying the nightlife, wildlife
destinations, Thai massage, scenic places, and obviously Thai cuisine.
Keep these things in mind while planning a 4 Night and 5 Day trip to Thailand. There are also plenty of
historical places in the country, which can also make you amazed. Don’t hesitate to talk to the people
here to help you out to find a place or service. They will surely help you in every possible way. Consider
both Southern and Northern parts of the country. They are entirely different in geography and culture.
Without considering both sides, your Thailand visit will not be complete.
Most importantly, though the beautiful landscapes and places in the country will tempt you to keep
clicking photos, do not forget to live in the moment and enjoy every bit of excitement each location has
stored. Everything here has a story to tell. They are all beautiful and lively. Spend time with your loved
ones in this beautiful land and make your holiday is worth every second. Carefully check all the
conditions and features of the tour package you are picking to ensure that it is matching with your
requirements or kind of journey you are expecting. No doubt that Thailand will make you feel happy,
relaxed and rejuvenated after your holiday!

Have a wonderful holiday season!

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